Since 1991, Imedeen has been a leader in internal skincare, with a line of products that work below the surface for more beautiful skin. Developed by the Danish healthcare company Ferrosan, the Imedeen line of skin supplements works to improve the skin's quality, structure and appearance. This line of cutting-edge, all-natural formulations can be used in conjunction with your current skincare regime for optimal results. Imedeen skincare supplements are distributed in 50 markets worldwide and has been used among women for over a decade.


Backed by science, Imedeen has undergone intense scrutiny, only to receive significant praise as the premiere skincare line in its category. Published in peer-reviewed journals and recognized at international dermatological and scientific conferences, Imedeen is not just another skincare line advertising unproven claims - extensive testing has shown documented results in improving the appearance of the skin.


Your skin is exposed each day to harmful external forces e.g. UV rays from the sun and pollution. Internal influences e.g. diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, can also take their toll. Topical creams can address the surface of the skin, offering only temporary results; however, if you are seeing an increase of lines, age spots and other visible signs associated with ageing, what you are really witnessing are symptoms that start below the skin's surface. Imedeen supplements nourish the skin from within and defend the skin against these hostile assailants. The result: more beautiful and more resilient skin.