Faith In Nature

Faith In Nature

Faith In Nature was founded by Rivka Rose over thirty years ago, with a clear mission to produce skin and hair care products from naturally derived sources, that had no synthetic additives and which damaged neither the user nor the environment. This is as true today as it was then.

From these early pioneering days has grown a company, still headed by Rivka and her husband Aaron, which manages to combine the most up date production and manufacturing techniques with formulating skills and a knowledge of plants that are in some cases, thousands of years old. A true blend of the best of the old, with the best of the new.

Faith in Nature produces several ranges of natural beauty and skin care products that are both chemical- and animal cruelty-free.

Faith In Nature has an extensive product development programme and new products and ranges are added on a regular basis.

Product ranges include:
* Hair Care
* Bath & Shower Gels
* Soaps & Hand Washes
* Skin Care
* Wipes & Deodorants
* Household Cleansing
* Feminine Products